Doggy & Moggie Friend are a local dog & cat care service for owners in and around Letchworth. If you are away from home or unable to walk your dog for whatever reason, we can help.





A dog friendly alternative

to kennels

Are you anxious about your dog having to go into kennels while you are on holiday? Well not any more!


We will take your dog into our own home as part of the family. You can meet us in our own home to make sure you are fully happy with where your dog is going to be staying.


We have been home boarding dogs for many years. We are always at home to care for your “best friend” with long walks in the countryside and cosy evenings snuggled up beside the fire. Let us make sure your dog has a fun and happy stay with us, content in the knowledge they are with Doggy Friend.


Please note all dogs must be fully house trained, fully vaccinated and have basic obedience.


Home doggy boarding

A loving and dog friendly alternative to kennels




Only £20 per night