Doggy & Moggie Friend are a local dog & cat care service for owners in and around Letchworth. If you are away from home or unable to walk your dog for whatever reason, we can help.





Doggy Friend will:

  • Walk no more than 6 dogs at any given time

  • Clean up after the dogs in their care and dispose properly of all waste

  • Respect and promote all animal control by-laws

  • Hold current public liability insurance covering 6 dogs

  • Attach identification tags to any dog in their care displaying owners/handlers contact details

  • Ensure dogs are never left unattended in public places

  • Show care and respect for the public and the environment

  • Be courteous at all times to members of the public

  • Not advertise falsely any service or similar credentials

  • Ensure dogs are transported in a safe and legal manner

  • Not use any form of corporal punishment on a dog

Code of Conduct

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