Doggy & Moggie Friend are a local dog & cat care service for owners in and around Letchworth. If you are away from home or unable to walk your dog for whatever reason, we can help.




You are requested to pay DOGGY FRIEND/MOGGY FRIEND - For 1-4 days, on pet drop off. For 5+ days, on booking.


Cheques payable to R C GORDON-GILES

Payment Details


Terms &


Terms & Conditions

1. Introductory meeting is free of charge but there after collection or return of keys or collection of money not left may be charged as an additional cost.


2. Public/bank holidays are charge extra.


3. Hours of business are 8.00 am until 6.00 pm visits before and after this are charged extra.


4. Owner is responsible for payment of veterinary fees incurred and any damage.


5. Our cancellation policy is as follows: If you cancel 14-28 days before 50% of the fee is due, 8-13 days 75% and 1-7 days 100%.


6. Only when the booking fee is paid and the booking form is returned, will it be regarded as a confirmed booking.

7. We agree to try and contact you or your next of kin in an emergency. If not we reserve the right to act on your behalf and with a veterinary surgeons advice.


8. I understand that I leave my pet/s and home with DOGGY FRIEND at my own risk.


9. I agree to these terms for each booking made and will let DOGGY FRIEND/MOGGY FRIEND know of any changes.


10. I have read and I/we agree with all of the details of the above and registration/booking form.