Doggy & Moggie Friend are a local dog & cat care service for owners in and around Letchworth. If you are away from home or unable to walk your dog for whatever reason, we can help.




"Although I was initially nervous about leaving my dog with someone I didn't know, it has turned out to be one of the best things I have ever done. Richard has looked after my dog for a few hours each week for the past 3 months, and she gets excited as soon as I park opposite his house!


He loves dogs and has a way of getting to know and understand them which is quite amazing.


I feel that he is responsible, and that my dog is safe and happy with him, and would have no hesitation in recommending him.


If anyone would like to speak to me, just ask Richard for my number."



"He takes her on mega long walks and has spontaneously embarked on a "behaviour improvement programme" - primarily to teach her how to not constantly pull on the lead - something that my family and I have never mastered. In fact we were resigned to the fact that it was just a "collie thing" and that we would all have to put up with elongated arms when lead walking!


In a quiet way he has been consistent with improving her behaviour, and my lead pulling dog is (hopefully) a thing of the past. By copying what Richard has been doing, my dog responds to me too - what a transformation."



"Many thanks for the pictures, very reassuring"


"Many thanks he looks very happy."


"Looks like he is having a ball!"


"Enjoying our holiday but I doubt as much as he is his! Thank you."


"Many thanks again for looking after our dog so well. We are very grateful."


Steve and Daphne


“Barney loved being with Richard & Debbie (Doggyfriend) and clearly had a great holiday! We received regular email updates while we were away, including photos. If Barney could speak I'm sure he'd be saying 'that walk does not measure up to those I had on holiday with doggyfriend!' A bonus was some gentle training along the way so that the Barney we brought home is noticeably more obedient on the lead! We will definitely be booking again.”


Enjoy the sunshine!


Steve and Daphne


As normal I am always nervous when leaving my dog for a few days especially in an environment he's not familiar with, but leaving him with Richard and Debbie turned out to be one of the best things I've done. Richard is brilliant, he gives a lot of time and attention and made Rolo feel at home as soon as he got there. He took him on long walks and gave him the exercise he needs.... And more. I felt Rolo was content there and was already looking forward to having another little holiday with Richard and Debbie!

Extremely Happy!




"Hi Richard. Thank you ever so much. All received (email/pic updates). So glad we found you. Keep in touch."


"Excellent news, thank you very much. Look forward to pictures of you all having fun again. Thanks again.


Joe and Sharron