Doggy & Moggie Friend are a local dog & cat care service for owners in and around Letchworth. If you are away from home or unable to walk your dog for whatever reason, we can help.





Away from home?

We can help!

Are you away from home for long periods; with commitments at work, on holiday perhaps or suffering from ill health? Or do you just fancy some pet-free time? If so I can help..


We offer a caring, personalised dog visiting service, for pets in and around Letchworth.


In addition we can visit cats... like other territorial animals many cats hate being away from home, meaning catteries are a no-go. Tailor-made visits in this case are the only real option.


We also have many years experiance in keeping smaller animals aswell as pond and aquarium fish.




Sometimes you just need someone who is safe, reliable and trustworthy to pop into your home and care for your pets.

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Only £10 per visit